United States  USPS 4-12 days

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UK - Royal Mail 7-14 days

Spain: 7-14 days

Italy: 7-14 days

Germany 7-14 days

EU area delivery via local post 7-18 days

North America Australia Asia 10-20 days

In order to reduce taxes, all orders are shipped from China, and the package will be declared at a very low price, no tax!

For large orders over 20kg, a customs fee of €1/carton may apply.

Once your order is placed, it usually ships within 24 hours and you will receive an order tracking number and a link to track your order.

Refund - -

1 If you receive an unopened order within 7 days, you can submit a return request and we will approve your return within 24 hours!

2 If the order is lost due to incorrect address or phone information, the buyer will be responsible for the consequences.

3 Receive a damaged, contaminated or water-logged package. Contact us and we will send new order after confirmation.

4 After submitting an order, order processing is usually completed within 3 hours. We do not accept requests to cancel orders after 3 hours.